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How long is a period of filling a vacancy?


On average, any vacancy is closed within 1,5 month. The main market profile is made within 3-14 days. Actually period of filling vacancy depends on a big amount of factors, and more specific information can be provided only with clear requirements.

What techniques do you use?


In fact, theres nothing new under the sun. All the variants of searching and recruiting are known and used by all to the best of their skills and desires. Speaking in general, we divide a search into active search (Hunting) and passive. The result of the selection of a particular Applicant is expressed as the assessment of professionalism, sanity/adequacy, manageability, threats and motivation. There are, of course, our own methods and groundworks, but this information cant be spread.

We need to recruit personnel in Kaxachstan. Is it possible?


Yes, without problems. We work with countries of former USSR as well as with far abroad countries. Languages we work with: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

And In Germany?



You work on prepayment base of less than 50%, is it possible to work without prepayment?


No, it is position of principle.

Are you engaged in job placement? I am ready to pay for your services, if you find me a job.


We have never been engaged in job placement. More over, job placement of Ukrainian citizens for ukrainian enterprises when Applicant pays for employment services is prohibited by law.

Is it necessary to fill in a questionnaire in your agency?


If you have sent us your CV, then there was no necessity to fill in a questionnaire. If you dont have a CV and you dont apply for a working position we will ask you to make up a CV and send it in electronic form. If you apply for a working position and you dont have a CV, then filling in a questionnaire will take a couple of minutes.

Can I apply for several Agencies?


Yes, of course. But at least one of the requests must be assigned to our agency (must be exclusive).

 By the time, there were some situations, when a Client couldnt choose an agency. One of the vacancies he entrusted with us, the rest he distributed to his Consideration, and in 2 months he turned to our agency.

Can I get references from your Clients?


No. One of our agencys principles is not to divulge commercial secret under any circumstances. We are appreciated for this.



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