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For Applicants


Individual approach

Before suggesting you a specific vacancy, we will have an interview with you, which will allow to specify details of your work experience, your plans and expectations, that will enable us to offer you the most suitable position.

We will never invite you to an agency for no particular reason - just to communicate :) - only for a particular vacancy.



We will not conduct any special tests (aimed at specifying psychological characteristics), any researches and will not take any references without notifying you about this.



Kharkov-Recruiting Company will provide you with all available information about a company, which will invite you to an interview, if this information will not be confidential. After an interview in the company we will certainly inform you about its results.


Long-term relationship

All the information you gave to us got into our database and was stored there permanently, that allows to build our partnership with you taking into account changes in your life and career.

You only need to send your CV to our e-mail once or fill out the application form, so that we will have an opportunity to consider your candidacy for vacant positions.

We ask you to inform us regularly about changes in your career or contact information. Our recruiters will contact you as soon as an appropriate position appears in our stock of orders.


Our services are free of charge for job seekers

All the services of Kharkov-Recruiting Company are paid by the Employers and are absolutely free for Applicants.


Relationships with Applicants after they got new jobs

After starting a work, which was offered by Kharkov-Recruiting Company, and during your work activity in this company or related companies, our recruiters will not have the right to contact you with suggestions about changing a job. This rule will not work only in case, if you address to us yourself, notifying your Employer about this beforehand.


How to submit information about yourself

To provide information you only need to send your CV to address:



Tel: (057) 7595481,

Tel./Viber/Telegram: (067) 5787707