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Our competitive advantages:


0. We solve problems of our Clients!

1. Effectiveness. Kharkov-Recruiting Company highly appreciates time of its Clients, therefore we save you from looking through a big quantity of useless CVs and holding a lot of interviews. You will be given 1-3 applicants who correspond to your requirements as much as possible. You will employ the first Applicant with high probability. Our services will be paid off in 2 months. The Team of Kharkov-Recruiting Company understands clearly whom and how they are looking for and how applicants will be evaluated.

2. Professionalism of Kharkov-Recruiting Companys Team and, as the result, high professionalism of applicants presented by Kharkov-Recruiting Company. Kharkov-Recruiting Companys Team is formed exclusively of professionals who have practical experience in creation own teams (directors, heads of departments/workshops, supervisors and so on). The basic system of applicants evaluation is his/her professionalism and clients economic gain from applicants work.

3. Specialization. Kharkov-Recruiting specializes only in commercial recruiting.

4. Speed of filling vacancy at high quality services. Your vacancy will be filled within 7-21 days; if you have extremely difficult and rare vacancy, it will be filled maximum in 2 months. If we have problems with filling vacancy, we will produce and offer the solving, which will enable us quickly and efficiently select an employee for you.

5. Success. Since 2007 weve signed more than 100 contracts with Clients and have filled more than 800 vacancies.

6. Territorial coverage. Kharkov-Recruiting is searching for candidates all over regional centers of Ukraine, Russia, CIS countries and far abroad countries.

7. Openness. Kharkov-Recruiting is always open for cooperation: information about working conditions, prices and our Team is always open.

8. Confidentiality. The information about our Clients and provided services for them is strictly confidential. Applicant gets to know about Employer directly before final interview with the Client.


Recruiting services:

1. Searching and recruiting personnel for employers from Ukraine. Active and passive searching and recruiting is taking place all over the territory of Ukraine, Russia, CIS countries.

2. Mass recruitment (filling similar vacancies for certain project).

3. Headhunting, executive search and so on.


Kharkov-Recruiting Company offers you:

- actual base of the most required specialists on a labour market, which is added and updated every day;

- base of rare specialists and top-managers, which is updated throughout all career activity of professional;

- great experience in creation of teams for production and trade enterprises;

- professional consultations about personnel recruitment;

- wide experience in crisis management: individual creation of effective teams for trade and production enterprises, reformation of teams, full replacement of team, recruitment of personnel for executive positions, organization of business processes fulfillment, coaching;

- guarantee service.


Territorial coverage:

All the regions of Ukraine, far and near abroad countries.


The methods used:

Searching for personnel is carrying out by comprehensive investigation of labour market of the region and finding optimal applicants for a vacancy.

Personnel recruitment is executed by profiling position, which is based on a full requirements of the Client and includes:

professional and business skills of the applicant,

applicant's personal qualities that completely suit the particular leaderships style of a leader,

the views of the applicant, that correspond to corporate culture of the team and the company's values.

30% of efficiency in the searching and recruiting personnel we get from the classical methods described in the literature and used by almost all the agencies.

70% of efficiency gives us our own technique, which allows to recruit high-quality staff at the appropriate time.


Our standards of work:

1. Time for filling vacancy is from 7 calendar days (if a vacancy is extremely difficult, this period can grow up to 2 months).

2. Quantity of applicants for one position is no more than 3 people, who completely correspond to Clients requirements.

3. The quick representation of suitable applicant to the Customer.

4. Searching and recruiting personnel is executed all over the territory of Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries.

5. Experience in filling vacancies in areas of management of organizations, marketing, trade, accountancy, technical staff, key workers. Experience in creation effective teams for production and trade enterprises.

6. Guarantee is provided for 30 days from the date of applicants appearance at work.


Quality control system of provided services:

I step: Recruiter has searched the applicant and then recommend him/her for presentation to the Client.

II step: Head of HR-department confirms the recommendation of recruiter.

III step: The representative of Kharkov-Recruiting Company, who has accepted a request from the Employer, checks up that the applicant corresponds to the Clients demands.

This  quality control system has enabled to minimize inadequacy of applicants to the Client's requirements.


The order of request's fulfillment:

1. Signing of the agreement

2. Formation of the request (request if formed by the representative of the Kharkov-Recruiting Company from the words and in the presence of the Employer.

3. Receiving 50% of prepayment.

4. Recruiters of he Kharkov-Recruiting Company learn about activities, business-processes and products of the Employer. If it is necessary (if anybody of the recruiters hasn't got experience in this profession), studying of the profession, which is specified in the request, studying of the standards of the professional evaluation of the position. Development of the internal requirement specification for the filling the vacancy.

5. Searching for the applicants.

6. Selection of the applicants which includes psychological and professional evaluation of candidates.

7. Applicants are introduced to the Employer. With a probability of 80% the Employer is entirely satisfied with the first applicant, and there is no necessity in presentation of the next applicants. If three applicants have been presented, and none of them came up to the requirements of the Employer, then together with the employer, Kharkov-Recruiting Company is studying the problem in order to quickly and efficiently fill the vacancy. As a rule, Employer is completely satisfied with the next candidate.

8. Beginning of the applicants work. The process of dismissal and transfer of the applicant is carried out under control of the Kharkov-Recruiting Company.

9. Payment for services of the Kharkov-Recruiting Company.

10. Signing of the acceptance certificate. Providing a guarantee..


Our prices

Prices depend on the complexity of the filling the vacancy. The cost of filling complicated and rare vacancies is negotiated individually.


Our Clients

 Our Clients are dozens of small, medium and large enterprises with a staff from 15 to 3000 people, located in different regions of Ukraine.


We have the experience in filling vacancies in such areas:

- Mechanical Engineering;

- Light, food and chemical industry;

- Polygraphy;


-  Distribution;

- Computer hardware, network equipment, office equipment;

- Software (IT);

- and so on.


Exclusive search for personnel:

Kharkov-Recruiting Company has developed and successfully tested its own technology of personnel searching (which has received the name "exclusive search for personnel"), based on the technology of headhunting.

Term "headhunting" comes from English words "Head" and "Hunting" and means one of the kinds of HR business: searching and recruiting qualified high-level specialists according to the order of the Client-Employer.



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