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Kharkov-Recruiting Company is a family business, which was founded in 2007.

Kharkov-Recruiting Company is Ukrainian company, which is focused on providing solutions in searching and recruiting in Ukraine, EU countries, countries of the former Soviet Union and other far abroad countries.

Owners of the business have positive experience in areas of creation and management of enterprises, human resource management and creation of successful teams at enterprises of Kharkov.

We started recruiting business because we understood that creation of a productive team was a key to any enterprises success. The most perspective ideas and beginnings may not bring the desired result if we have unqualified and irresponsible personnel, and on the contrary active and qualified team will certainly bring an incredible success to any enterprise.


We will be glad to productive cooperation!

Sincerely, the team of Kharkov-Recruiting Company.



Tel: (057) 7595481,

Tel./Viber/Telegram: (067) 5787707